WARNING: New Scam Targets Google Chrome Users

Do you use Google Chrome to access the web? then you should beware of this new scam targeting Google Chrome users.

We always warn our customers that cybercriminals are all over the internet and that they should always be aware of newly sophisticated scams targeting them online.

Google Chrome Web Browser Scam

This past week, there has been a new scam circulating around targeting Google Chrome web users and scaring them into paying for their services and give out personal information.

Apparently, they have uncovered a means to “completely stop” your Chrome web browser, therefore you won’t be able to close it down. A pop-up alert then shows up on the screen, advising you to request a phone call so their tech support engineers can show you how to remove the critical fake damaged infecting your computer.

The purpose of all this is to scare people and trying to trick them into thinking that they have a dangerous malware that requires them to call and pay for tech support online, which may also result in identity theft and stolen credit card information.

The so-called scam was first detected by the cybersecurity company Malwarebytes, that said many of these scam threats arise from malicious adverts (also called malvertising) and malware-infected websites, and that the main targets for these type of scams are Windows-based Google Chrome users.

“During the past quarter we have noted an increase in fake browser alerts pushing tech support scams,” the Malwarebytes company said. 

Many of these fraudulent scams come as a result of clicking on malicious ads, and from insecure websites infected with these fake scams.

(We advise everyone to avoid falling victim to these fraudulent scams by surfing the web using a premium VPN service that protects their personal information and secures their web browsing from cybercriminals).

Popup Browser Scams

According to Malwarebytes, these scammers have managed to exploit the Google Chrome web browser and completely freeze all browser tabs while showing a pop-up alert that says ”your pc has alerted that it has been infected with a virus and spyware and that your personal and banking information will be stolen.” 

By using a malicious code that causes a tremendous amount of downloads, the Chrome browser becomes unresponsive, and users unable to close it down.

Unfortunately, and considering that Google Chrome has the most market share and is the most widely-used internet browser, many people have and will more than likely fall for these kinds of scams at some point in their online life.

Just this past week, we have written an article warning users not to use insecure and vulnerable web browsers like Google Chrome.

It’s sad to say that most popular web browsers out there have major security vulnerabilities that make it easier for cybercriminals to exploit them.

Luckily, there are some precautions that can be made to minimize damages and avoid falling victim to these fraudulent scams, by using an ad-blocker, a safer web browser like DuckDuckGo, and a VPN service that protects your personal data from cybercriminals.