A US Resident Sues France for Stealing his Domain Name

French-born American citizen Jean-Noel Frydman says French authorities have illegally taken away his 24-year-old domain name. For a long time now, domain names, especially those that end with the ”.com” extension have been really valuable for many businesses and their lucky owners have often managed to sold their ”digital property” for millions of dollars…. Read more »

Amazon to Suspend Signal’s Censorship-Resistant Strategy

Amazon representatives don’t like how the secure messaging app Signal bypasses censorship by pretending to be one of Amazon’s sites. Signal is a popular encrypted and secure messaging app used mostly by privacy supporters and censored people around the world. It is free, open-source, and endorsed by the infamous whistleblower and privacy advocate Edward Snowden,… Read more »

Tips for data protection

18 Proven Tips for Protecting Your Data From Hackers

So you’re looking to protect your personal data from any potential breaches? Maybe you’re afraid your personal data may fall into the hands of cybercriminals? While that is true, cybercriminals aren’t the only people you have to worry about when it comes to protecting your data, government surveillance, ISPs, and internet advertisers are also looking… Read more »