Avoid Internet censorship in Gulf Countries – The perfect Solution

Avoid Internet censorship in Gulf Countries

Avoid Internet censorship in Gulf Countries

If you plan to visit any Gulf country or middle east area’s or you are a citizen and want to have a general point of view  about restricted websites and censorship issues, you can consider reading this article for more information about security details in those areas.

The targeted countries that I m going to cover are  : Kuwait -Oman -Saudi Arabia -Bahrain.
Certain websites in those countries are blocked and restricted, which means that any regular user tries to access any of those sites will lead to a blank page or be redirected to any other URL set by the internet service provider.

Some of those sites are major news channels such as BBC,RFI, and some popular music sites.

Also, some major popular social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are controlled by governments .Many people are sentenced to prison do posting only corruption videos. The free of speech is somehow not allowed in those area’s and prohibited by the government laws.

Many other VoIP application were restricted like Skype , Viper, and WhatsApp. Those sites and services are normally blocked for a political or religious problem.Furthermore, Adult websites are completely forbidden to access.More than 600.000 adult content is blocked in Saudi Arabia alone since 2014.

To avoid the internet censorship, blocked website or services, the only and effective way to go for is setting up a VPN service in your device. Doing so will guarantee  a good protection and anonymity  surfing the worldwide website and services without being monitored by ISP.

VPN or virtual private server works to change your own actual IP address which your ISP assigned to you to another IP from other location worldwide. The actually blocked content can be seen and available choosing a different IP address for any other country.

How To Start :
Well, that even more VPN services are also blocked in those area’s, you can consider purchasing a VPN express Premium package from VPNExpress website .
The VPNExpress premium package allows you to choose more than 29 different location with speed and fast data transfer .
You may try the service free for 7 days out of charge with limited bandwidth and locations to test the service performance before going to purchase a paid package.

SetUp & Configuration

To be able to access VPN servers , you need to download and configure VPN Express software in your device, This normally will not take more than  20 seconds.

VPNExpress client gives you the possibility to choose from a wide range of countries and locations which are  differ than your actual location, for example, lets say that you are in KSA and such xxx website is not available and blocked by your ISP,  Then you can check the nearest country to yours which normally don t block the content or the service you are trying to access, This will guarantee a high-speed connexion, besides a strong encryption data transfers.

Whether you are moving to  Kuwait ,Muscat, Doha or other Arab capital , you can enjoy a full internet access to any website globally without any restrictions.
Free the world around you like it should be , by getting and configuring a VPN security solution in your device, it works like a charm, no matter if you are using cable, WI-fi and much more  supports most devices and technologies

Be Free , Be safe