Differences Between Paid and Free VPN service

Differences Between Paid and Free VPN serviceWhat are the differnces between Paid and Free VPN provider

In this article, I am m going to talk about the differences between paid and free VPN services.Before I m going to list the actual differences between the two providers, let’s have a look at the word “free” itself.

I m sure you have seen this word many times while surfing the web, There are many online companies who offer a free product or service for their clients to test it before making a final decision to purchase it.In this situation, those companies only offer you an opportunity to value their  product to make sure that  you are satisfied with what you are getting before buying it . But consider a situation in where a website offers any kind of service completely free with no costs at all.

Before being a customer for any free service , you have to ask yourself why the service owner would like to offer his service or product for free with no charges? how it can cover its cost at least the web hosting fees .

Unless that the free service offered is only a sample test or demo service to try and judge before moving to purchase the complete and official one.But offering the service without any cost, I think that something is missing out there.
As we are talking about  free VPN services, imagine the security level expected from those providers.I have done a comparison between the two services and I came with the following  differences and results.

1. VPN Protocols:

When it comes to VPN protocols, the free providers allows only one single protocol to connect to which is PPTP, while Paid VPN offers almost protocols including PPTP, L2TP/IPSEC, OpenVPN, SSTP beside SSH and proxies.

2.Speed and bandwidth:

Using a free VPN service means that is already overused by other users like you.choosing providers lack money ( as long as the service is free) will lead to low bandwidth which costs and need money and team management.

Imagine the server bandwidth performance used and shared by many users at the same time.In contrast, Paid VPN providers invest most of their budget purchasing thousands of servers around the globe in order to serve fast speed connections to their servers, besides that users can order custom plans choosing a dedicated IP’s for specific locations and areas.

3.Support :

As long as you are using a free VPN service, there is no reason to ask for support and assistance because at the end it’s free service , so don t expect that someone can spend time with you.

Paid services have a dedicated and professional technical support to help you solve your issues and answer your questions.As long as you paid for the service be sure that someone is there to help you in case you have any problem.

4.Benefits :

Free VPN providers offer what they claim to be a security solution , in return, they place annoying ads on their websites or even integrate a spyware into their application.Many providers collect users data such as their e-mail, and profile information and sell it to third parties to maximize more benefit.Free providers are not always trusted to deal with.In contrast, Paid providers invest a lot of time and money to offer a real security solution to hide and protect your privacy in return they charge you for that.Most paid VPN providers do not save logs fo their clients, what you do online is under your responsibilities,always make sure to read their terms of service to avoid any conflicts.

5.Server location :

Most free providers have limited server locations for users, mostly between 1 to 5 locations which could be used by thousands of users, who are just need to change their IP’s no matter if the connection would be very low , or may  don t care if their activities could be seen by those providers , Most users who use free VPN providers are new to internet security issues, and don t understand the risks they engaged to using those free VPN providers.

Paid providers offer a large list of locations in many different countries.You can move between different locations and  get a new secure IP address with a single click from your VPN software, besides that you can cover many devices with the same VPN account.

As long as you are looking for the best way and solution to protect your identity.Getting a VPN service in your device is always a best solution.

The price getting a paid package to secure both your device and your identity will not cost more than a 10 $ a month. Access more than 50 server location including unlimited bandwidth and security protocols.

Try VPNExpress premium package for only 9.99 $ a month or 69.99$  yearly and save 50%.

When it comes to the Differences Between Paid and Free VPN service,without dough that a paid service is always the best option to consider as long as security becomes is your first priority.

Be Free Be safe