Unblock VoIP service in Morocco – facts and solution

Avoid VoIP limitation in Morocco – Solution

Unblock VoIP service in Morocco


        Solution for Tourists who plan to come to Morocco

If you plan to join thousands of French people who live or visit Morocco every year as a tourist or for business. The Moroccan telecommunications regulation agency which is known by ANRT had blocked some widely used VoIP applications such as Skype; WhatsApp and Viber. The free internet calls are not allowed and restricted through those applications. Only telecommunications networks agencies are allowed to make free internet calls once they got a license from the ANRT agency. Therefore Moroccans who regularly use those applications to make free calls are forced to search for alternative VoIP applications or tools which can allow them to bypass and avoid the recent restriction forced by the three internet service providers which offering the service in the country.

VPN for making free internet calls

The majority of internet users especially those who have their families abroad use the VPN service to make internet calls and get in touch with their relatives and friends. The big reason that made people search for  ways to bypass the VoIP restriction is because the rates for international calls is somehow higher in comparison to other countries rate .The three major telecom providers have nearly the same price for global and local phone calls.

The only way for internet users and people who are in need to make free calls over VoIP is by using a VPN service.

People who came to Morocco as tourists or for business have to take in consideration to purchase a VPN service before entering the country. IF you have never use VPN service before or you need more information about how it works and performs, I’m going to provide some useful tips which can help you bypass any restrictions besides access global websites and open VoIP applications.

How To use VPN to Encrypt your data and information

VPN or virtual private server allows you to connect via a server run by a VPN provider. The transmission of data from your device which could be a computer, Tablet, smartphone or any other device you use  becomes completely encrypted and cannot  be recognized by any third party service and that include your internet service provider in our situation let’s say the three major telephone operators in morocco (Maroc Telecom ,Inwi, Meditel).VPN hides your daily data you send or receive using secure tunnels and different IP’s which belongs to a variety of locations and servers owned by the VPN provider.



VPN in Morocco is really a useful tool to use in case you want to bypass the VoIP application and also secure your device and internet access from hackers and sick mind users.

Use VPN to watch IPTV networks

If you are a French Citizen living in Morocco VPN can help you watch the France TV networks  in case are being blocked and restricted , besides you can access many other services in the comfort of your own place of residence. Selecting a good performance VPN provider such as VPNExpress is the best option you can go with since it works perfectly in almost devices and many users are operating it on their machines. VPN service can be used also to protect yourself when connecting via public WI-FI hotspots in Hotel , or other places you visit which offer a free internet access. VPN provide a good security solution that can shield completely your own network and makes it secure enough to log to your own financial accounts without being afraid that someone can track or steal your credential information. 

 How to use VPN application

To make VPNExpress service works on your own device, you simply download the application and configure it following a few step by step setup wizard,The application works perfectly on all devices without any problem, Here is a direct setup guide https://vpn.express/tutorials you can follow in case you face any issue configuring the application.

VPNExpress is proven to work exactly as expected to avoid VoIP restriction and open almost every website in Morocco, you can now enjoy your visit to the country at the same time make free calls to your family and friends.

Be Free be Safe