A US Resident Sues France for Stealing his Domain Name

French-born American citizen Jean-Noel Frydman says French authorities have illegally taken away his 24-year-old domain name. For a long time now, domain names, especially those that end with the ”.com” extension have been really valuable for many businesses and their lucky owners have often managed to sold their ”digital property” for millions of dollars…. Read more »

Amazon to Suspend Signal’s Censorship-Resistant Strategy

Amazon representatives don’t like how the secure messaging app Signal bypasses censorship by pretending to be one of Amazon’s sites. Signal is a popular encrypted and secure messaging app used mostly by privacy supporters and censored people around the world. It is free, open-source, and endorsed by the infamous whistleblower and privacy advocate Edward Snowden,… Read more »

Tips for data protection

18 Proven Tips for Protecting Your Data From Hackers

So you’re looking to protect your personal data from any potential breaches? Maybe you’re afraid your personal data may fall into the hands of cybercriminals? While that is true, cybercriminals aren’t the only people you have to worry about when it comes to protecting your data, government surveillance, ISPs, and internet advertisers are also looking… Read more »

Data protection

Data Protection Technologies of the Future

As cybercrime becomes more prevalent in our modern world, businesses and consumers are increasingly worried about the safety and security of their data. The unpredictability of hackers can be a real threat to everyone connected to the internet. Losing valuable company and personal data can be really devastating and could ruin many people’s lives and… Read more »

UEFA Champions League Live Stream

How to Watch UEFA Champions League Semi-Finals Live

Even if you’re not a big fan of football, soccer or however you want to call it — you will definitely enjoy spending a little bit of your time to watch some of the most popular, anticipated, and entertaining sports events in the world. The UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) Champions League is the… Read more »

5 Effective Tips for Protecting Your Data & Privacy from Hackers

Want to know a secret? Government surveillance agencies, multi-billion dollar internet companies, digital advertisers, ISPs, as well as hackers are all looking to get their hands on your private data. And what’s even more worrying is that they don’t want you to be aware of this, they will often offer you valuable ‘free’ products as… Read more »

Hackers Want to Steal Your Data, Here’s How to Protect It

According to Statista, numerous companies report a loss of over 500 million US dollars a year due to cybercrime. Not only companies but consumers and everyday internet users also constantly suffer from a number of cybercrime acts such as phishing attempts, malware, spam email, just to name a few. RELATED: 5 Online Security Threats You Should… Read more »

SelectTV Netflix

Largest Entertainment Library On the Web Is SelectTV, Not Netflix

SelectTV is a new and a highly undervalued online video-on-demand streaming company with over 250,000 TV shows, 100,000 movies, 2000 live channels, 30,000 radio stations. Let’s face it. You have probably been using Netflix to watch your favorite movies, TV shows, and other content for the last couple of years… And you’re most likely finding… Read more »

Why I love Netflix

5 Reasons Why I Love Binge-Watching Netflix

If you love watching movies, documentaries, and TV shows like me, then you have got to love Netflix. The behemoth video-on-demand streaming company which started back in 1997 is arguably the first choice for many movie lovers around the world. The convenience, ease-of-use, low-cost, and on-demand features of the streaming company has made it a… Read more »

Coffee shop wifi dangers

The Dangers of Coffee Shop Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

Free Wi-Fi networks found in public places such as coffee shops and hotels can be extremely dangerous for users and a paradise for cybercriminals. Can I be totally honest with you? Sitting in a quiet and comfortable coffee shop with your laptop can be one of the best ways to spend your day. Because while… Read more »