Beginner's Guide- VPNs are no biggie!

Beginner’s Guide- VPNs are no biggie!

Beginner’s Guide : Setting up a VPN is not really that hard!

Here is simple Beginner’s Guide to VPNs.

Gone are the days when internet privacy was simply surfing the web with your doors locked and no one watching you. The online community is hugely expanding and becoming more and more open. Our whole life is going online, from shopping, banking, retailing to even ordering food, so many digital footprints which makes it nearly impossible for you to hide your activity online, not from the authorities. Or can you? Maybe, depends on you!

Most people think of VPN as some kind of setup meant for businesses and large organizations to let their employees hook up to central work servers so that they can work while remote, but what many don’t realize is that you can do so much more with a VPN and that it is available for anyone to use.

In fact, setting up a VPN can literally save your life!

So, what is this VPN?

If your online privacy is a serious matter to you, then using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the easiest and most effective way to secure your internet connection, access any blocked websites in your location, access local networks remotely and simply surf the web freely and anonymously.

We can simply say that a VPN connects computers over the internet through a secure channel even though connected via insecure and public networks so no third parties such as ISPs, advertisers, hackers and even your government can see what information is being exchanged. The information we are talking about is your web traffic, websites surfing, accounts information, people you talk to online and other sensitive data.

How does it work?

First off, VPN does not operate with your personal IP address. Instead, it provides its own VPN address so that no one can trace you on your personal address.
Usually, when you connect to the internet, you connect then by default to your internet service provider in order to access any websites(or any other internet resources) that you wish to visit, which means that all your data is passing through the servers of ISP and also monitored by him.

But when you use a VPN service you connect to a VPN server (which you pick yourself) via a VPN tunnel, this means that all data passing through the VPN server is encrypted so that only you and your VPN server can see it.

Why it is important?

VPN service has a number of important consequences:

1-Your ISP cannot access your personal information or monitor your online activities.
2-Wi-Fi hotspots and public networks are safer to use due to the high security level that VPN service offers you.
3-You can access any blocked website or application in your country by using a VPN server located anywhere else in the world.

Finally, do you really need a VPN?

Using the internet without protection has never been riskier than today, so if your security is a priority to you and as long as you have access to the internet, VPN service is most certainly needed.

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Be safe. Be free.