Best VPN for Avid Travelers In 2018

Wouldn’t it be great if you could access all your favorite websites wherever you are in the world?

If you’re always on the road and you like to travel a lot, then you have to find a reliable virtual private network (VPN) service provider – so that you can access without geo-restrictions all your favorite websites, whether you want to ”Netflix and chill” or change your location to get better flight deals, a VPN would be a life-saver.

In addition to that, VPN services also enable you to overcome web filtering. Because if you’re constantly traveling, meaning your IP location constantly changing based on your location, then you will probably going to come across geo-restricted websites in most countries you visit.

Here’s how a reliable VPN helps with that…

By solely connecting your VPN provider to another country that has access to the site you’re looking to visit, you get to easily bypass that restriction.

Cool, right?

Whenever you want to bypass any restrictions to access your favorite websites, a VPN can help you browse blocked news sites, streaming services, social networks, and everything else overseas without any restrictions, it will surely make you feel invincible doing this.

A VPN secures your connection to ensure that each data you send and receive to become encrypted and guarded against any intrusive 3rd parties like hackers and surveillance agencies.

Most importantly, a VPN helps provide you with increased levels of security, privacy, anonymity, and protection needed for preserving your online life.

The internet should be freely and openly available to everyone in the world without any censorship or government interference. Unfortunately, that’s not the case in many countries in the world, which is why a VPN is a must-have tool for everyone who wants to restore his right to privacy.

A VPN to access everything

First of all, you should realize that many virtual private networks (VPNs) even the paid ones don’t have the necessary capable features and technology to overcome geo-restriction limits. For example, if you’re from/traveling to China, a typical VPN service will probably fail at providing you with everything you need to bypass restrictions, The Chinese government  has strict laws and legislation than probably most of the countries around the globe, which means you will need to take greater precautions when choosing a VPN that can bypass China’s restrictions, because god forbid if your IP address has leaked your location in China, then you may end up in serious trouble.

Because recently (January 2018), China has decided to outlaw all VPN services and considers them illegal to use inside the country.

According to South China Morning Post, the Chinese government requires further notice and permission in order to be able to use VPNs legally inside the country. Meaning it may be labeled a cybercrime situation for everyone else who uses VPNs despite these government regulations.

China currently blocks about 135 popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Netflix, and many other popular websites and services that make it hard for everyone, considering that most people can’t live without using these websites, especially people traveling to China – meanly because they don’t have a local version of each website like Wechat, Baidu, and other local brands.

So what should you do about this?

We generally recommend our users to stay safe and compliant with the local laws regarding the use of the internet in the countries they visit.

However, we all know that countries that heavily restricts the use of the web like China, Russia, and others can’t really do much about that, it’s impossible for governments to arrest everyone. So in most cases – for our loyal customers in China or everyone else who’s traveling to that beautiful country – should be careful what VPN they should use.

Some free and paid VPNs have security vulnerabilities that may expose your IP address to authorities, also some popular VPN services have been exposed revealing their user’s data, location, and other sensitive information when requested to by local authorities.

So what VPN should you use?

As a popular VPN service company ourselves, we strive to comply with government internet laws without sacrificing the right for our customers to privacy and complete anonymity.

If you choose to purchase our premium VPN packages, you will be granted complete censorship-resistance and ultimate privacy standards that will enable you to access every blocked website on the planet without worrying about your safety or security.

We take the privacy and security of our users very seriously. Our team of experts works 24/7 to ensure your satisfaction and safety by monitoring our servers and networks using our military-grade privacy technology.

So enough praising ourselves, you can check our features page to see for yourself the behind-the-scenes-technology that we use to bypass government restrictions and make it totally impossible for government surveillance agencies to track you or decrypt your personal data no matter which country you’re traveling to.

We believe the Internet should be open and free to use for everyone, everywhere, and at all times.