Online safety tips for Brits to ease up their digital lives

Online safety tips for Brits to ease up their digital lives

Online privacy and security situation inside the UK has known some enormous changes since the Brexit. The exit brought along the possibility of several laws to allow law enforcement agencies to monitor the online communications of people living in the country.

With such laws, it is quite crucial for Brits to play caution and fight for their online security as best as they possibly can. The following online security tips are dedicated to help Brits improve their online security:

  • 1-Turn your privacy settings on:

Marketers, law enforcement agencies and hackers love to know everything about you.Because of that, your browsing habits and social media usage are both a Goldmine for them. They can literally learn everything about you through your browsing and social media usage. Therefore, it is crucial to take charge of your information and keep it private and secure.

For this, you can simply tweak the settings of your web browser and mobile operating system to protect your online privacy.

Social media networking such as Facebook allow you to protect your privacy through settings. Although these settings can be really hard to find because companies love to have access to your personal information for their marketing efforts. But it is very crucial to find them and enable these privacy safeguards, and always make sure they remain enabled.

  • 2-Use strong and unique passwords:

Hackers and cyber-criminals are getting smarter and employing more deceitful methods, the least you can do is to avoid weak and easy to guess passwords. Also, avoid using the same password for different accounts.

Last but not least, change your passwords regularly so that you may ensure complete data security. Utilizing 2-factor authentication feature for your online accounts can also of good help.

  • 3-Avoid suspicious emails:

No matter how tempting it is to open those suspicious emails with titles like “Let’s video chat”, “You have just won 1 Million $”, or “I need your help Chris” just don’t do it.

  • 4-Never leave your devices unlocked:

Leaving your smartphone, laptop, or any other device with personal data and crucial information unlocked is simply a way of asking for troubles. It is crucial that you always lock your devices or set a time out after a period of inactivity.

  • 5-Only deal with well-known and reputable vendors:

You may see some very tempting deals pop up in online ads from unknown brands so it is important to resist these seemingly great bargains. Brands like these are never trustworthy and may end up being nothing but scams. You also need to be fully cautious with the brands and companies you are familiar with as many criminals deliberately misspell the name of their fake websites to make it sound like a familiar top brand company.

  • 6-Use a VPN to protect yourself and fight for your privacy:

The best way for Brits to protect their online privacy and fight for their right is using a UK VPN service. It will secure your online communications from hackers and data snoopers and gives you the protection you need.

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Be safe. Be free.