Most Popular Online Security Myths

Most Popular Online Security Myths

The internet is now a vital part of everyday life, it’s nearly impossible for most of us to go through the day without it. In fact, internet has become our favorite tool to complete our everyday tasks such as shopping, socializing with friends, banking and any other tasks that were once done through personal interaction. Nonetheless, many of us don’t really understand that if we can get out to the world from our home computers, the can also get in.

When it comes to online security, myths are strongly integrated in our knowledge and it’s partly linked to the enormous amount of information available. We are literally drawing in an ocean of data, which makes it extremely hard to distinguish between what’s true and what’s false, who’s a real expert and who’s not.

If you know the truth, you would make the right decisions about protecting your online privacy. Therefore, here are the truths behind some common online security myths.

Myth 1: Hackers only target rich and famous people

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that, I surely would be a billionaire now!
The only reason why we don’t often hear common people getting hacked is that because they are “infamous” so they don’t get the coverage rich and famous people do.
Many people consider the internet such a huge place so no one cares about them. Well the truth is, hackers actually tend to target common people more than famous and rich ones since they are more vulnerable, and it’s always way easier and safer to hack common people as they won’t be traced and hunted the way they would be if they hack famous and rich people.

Myth 2: All hackers are creepy weirdos

Most of us imagine hackers as people hooded with black, working late at night from their basements, with no social lives and so on…
Let me ensure you, this has nothing to do with the reality. Hackers work and interact with others just like other people do, they live a very normal day from waking up early and go to work to hanging out in cafes and public spots.
With all that said, it is impossible for anyone to identify a hacker, he could be the guy sitting next to you in a cafe or a bus, someone from school or work, a friend or even your own brother!

Myth 3: Hacking is like the way we see it in movies

Hacking in real life has nothing to do with what they show us in movies. Hackers don’t really require powerful resources to hack into a device, all it takes is an ordinary laptop to carry out their work.
Watch out guys and hold your nerves because a hacker may also be the beautiful lady sitting next to you asking for a hot-spot connection!

Myth 4: Your social media profiles are totally safe and secure

A lot of us think that social media profiles are just like homes, they’re safe, secure and surrounded by our friends. Well, this is never the case.
Just like you can be victim of home robbery, it is also possible to be potential victim of accounts hacking. Even if you constantly update your privacy settings, disallowing non friends from viewing your posts, your “friends” may not be trustworthy especially if you tend to add or accept strangers.
Therefore, always think before you post any information about you and check carefully the backgrounds of the people you add on your social media profiles.

Myth 5: If I get infected, I will see that for sure

Hmmm, just don’t be so sure about it!
This used to be true in the past, when computers became to run slower and get annoying pop-ups spread all over the screen. But, nowadays hackers and cybercriminals have incredibly developed their techniques so in most cases users can’t even tell if their system in actually involved in spam campaigns or coordinated DDos attacks.

Myth 6: Internet security is way too expensive

This one is actually the most absurd myth that make hackers laugh their heads off, internet security is not only afforded by large companies and organizations you dummy!

Protecting your online privacy and security is not that biggie. You can easily purchase one of VPN.Express packages that provide you the highest levels of protection and privacy. Considering the losses you may face if your device starts getting monitored or hacked, the cost of a VPN.Express package is fairly cheap!

The bottom line…

Myths stop when education starts, reject all false information that you’ve kept as real and start educating yourself on the dangers lurking hidden in the online world.
Know exactly the threats out there and face them with the right tool!
Be safe. Be free.