President Trump signed the repeal of the internet privacy rules

President Trump signed the repeal of the internet privacy rules

Last month, VPN.Express wrote about the controversial US senate decision to allow ISPs to sell your personal data and browsing history to advertisers without your permission.

It’s like internet users don’t suffer from enough online privacy issues and personal data theft, President Trump decided to make it even worse by signing up a repeal of the Obama-era broadband privacy rules leaving privacy advocates infuriated.

The new policy is an absolute victory for internet service providers ISPs and a total blow to users’ ability to control their personal and sensitive data.

Trump’s signature comes a few days after Republican-controlled Congress passed the repeal of the broadband rules the week before, with a strong objection from both Democrats and privacy advocates.

So, how do these new internet privacy regulations affect you?

With the repeal signed and approved as a law, ISPs are legally able to collect all costumer data by default (such as location, financial and healthcare information, browsing data and even the shops you frequent…) and sell them to giants such as Verizon and Comcast so they can easily monitor your online behavior in order to sell highly targeted ads.

As both the Congress and the President have chosen to support broadband providers over citizens’ rights, internet users are literally left with no privacy or control over what happens to their personal data whatsoever, which ISPs could easily sell directly to marketing firms, financial companies, or anyone that mines personal data.

Furthermore, Telecom agencies can now spy on your online activity and sell the results for their profit.

The main question now is: What can you do to save yourself and the ones you care about from this mess and luck of privacy?

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