Target Ads: How to avoid them!

Target Ads: How to avoid them!

The internet is literally drowned with annoying advertisements that pop up every time you open a page in your browser. Most people tend to use Adblock to block these ads from popping up on a web page or before YouTube video begins.

But that’s not always the case!

What are Targeted Ads exactly?

Targeted Ads usually work by observing your internet activity. In fact, the following scenario happened to almost every internet user. You’re just shopping around for a book, pair of jeans or football jersey on your browser and minutes after that same item shows up out of nowhere in an ad on a totally unrelated website.

This happens because ads companies track your browsing activity and history to throw these ads at you. They usually store cookies in your system once you search for their product. Even if you don’t buy them, ads will continue to pop up for days or even months.
So, how can you stop Targeted Ads?
Now that you are aware of Targeted Ads, here are some methods to help you opt out of different ad companies.

1- Use an opt out website like “” or “”: These websites have a list of ad companies you can opt out of. All you need to do is checking the boxes next to the websites you don’t wish to track your activity, and you will no longer see Targeted Ads from them.
Note: You will still see ads, but they won’t be personalized or targeted. Furthermore, this method only works for companies actually listed on these websites, and as long as you don’t delete the cookies in your browser.

2- Individual Ad websites: You can use settings of like Google, Facebook, Amazon and others… to turn off Targeted Ads advertising by them.
Note: This is also works as long as you don’t delete your cookies.

3- Use a VPN to prevent websites from re-targeting you: Re-targeting basically means using your past browsing history to throw ads at you. Your browsing history, your location, and all other personal data can be sold to advertising companies by your ISP. Once you start using a VPN, your online activity, identity, location and other crucial information are hidden by the VPN server.

Note: Not all VPNs work the same, in fact some of them don’t really care about your privacy and can easily trade your data for money. VPN.Express is extremely reliable when it comes to this. We have a strict no Logs policy which means that no customers’ logs or information are kept whatsoever.

To sums it up

sometimes it can be a good thing to receive personalized ads, but the fact that your entire online privacy is easily jeopardize for the profits of these Ad companies is just something irresponsible and thoughtless.
Never let anyone take advantage of you!

Be safe. Be free.