The truth has come to light regarding the “Safest Android VPN Apps” on Google Play

No one can ever deny the fact that VPN services are pretty crucial and became necessity not only for your computer but most important for you mobile, with all the dangers and risks on online world, a VPN app on your phone seems to be the perfect solution. But not all VPN apps are the same. In fact, a VPN anonymity and protection is only as good as the company providing it.

The truth has come to light regarding the “Safest Android VPN Apps” on Google Play

Have you ever thought that a VPN app you use on your phone to protect your data and keep you safe and secure can actually be responsible for harboring malicious malware, injecting them into your phonem channeling your information through untrusted third parties, tracking your data, and even possibly distributing and selling your personal information (Things VPN.Express never do). Pretty hard to believe Huh ?

A recent shocking study found that 38% of Android VPN apps in the Google Play Store are tracking users via malware which is a software that gets installed automatically onto a device and can provoke damages from annoying pop-ups to viruses to even data theft.

This thoroughgoing study, Used 283 Android VPN apps from the Google Play app store as database to diagnose their tendencies to leak user traffic data and what their impacts were on user privacy and security.

Yup the results were catastrophic as you might have guessed !

The truth has come to light regarding the "Safest Android VPN Apps" on Google Play

The truth has come to light regarding the “Safest Android VPN Apps” on Google Play

  • 84% leak user traffic
  • More than 80% request access to customers sensitive data
  • 38% reveal the presence of a malware, or even injects one
  • 2 out of 3 use third party tracking libraries

Most people believe that a VPN is totally safe if it has a large number of downloads, excellent star ratings, and great user reviews. Well this is just not the case here !

The study discredit this entirely, with another shocking fact that the analyzed VPN apps have actually more than 500K downloads and 25% of them receive at least a 4-star rating. This shows that people are fully unaware of what’s happenning on their phones and how this malicious malware risk their security and puts their entire data in huge danger.

With all that said, choosing the right Android VPN app looks like a nerve wracking. But don’t worry we’re only here to help you !

Unlike any other VPN providers, we truly and unconditionally care about your privacy and protection. VPN.Express was created to help those who care about their privacy and personal data, to protect the online community against all threats, and to fight for internet freedom.In fact, our goal is way beyond than just providing a good service; We’re here to change the online world like never before.

In order to achieve our purpose, we decided to manage our own VPN network with no third parties contribution whatsoever so we can always guarantee the highest levels of security, privacy and performance. Furthermore, we never sell, trade, or otherwise transfer any customer data (In fact, we never keep any customer data under whatsoever).

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