U.S. Senate votes to let ISPs sell your browsing history to advertisers without your permission

U.S. Senate votes to let ISPs sell your browsing history to advertisers without your permission

Just what no internet user asked for!

Turned out that the US senate isn’t very interested in internet users’ privacy. Last week, US elected representatives voted 50 to 48 to kill privacy rules preventing internet service providers (ISPs) from selling user’s web browsing data to advertisers or anyone else without opt-in permissions.

Back in October 2016, the rules were approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to prohibit providers from abusing sensitive information so customer data, mobile location data, and browsing data couldn’t be shared or sold to the advertisers or other big data companies.

Flake argued that the FCC rules were preventing consumers from receiving “innovative and cost-saving product offerings”. Put simply, ads from advertising companies and third-party marketers that have paid your ISP for your personal information.

Some of you may say, I don’t do anything weird on the internet so they can go ahead and sell my browsing history… Well, this is not the case!
Either you do weird stuff on internet or not, it’s the last thing they go after. With how much the internet factors into our lives, the information they could sell could be far reaching and build an accurate picture of your personal life, including your precise location, health and financial information, information about your children, and more.

Imagine being rejected by insurance health insurance companies only because your fitness app says you don’t exercise enough. This could be the case if the app makers are allowed to sell their data to insurance companies.

To sums it all up…

The only thing completely clear is that it will be up to consumers from now on to secure their private data themselves. With governmental regulations becoming less transparent and more lenient, it’s up to you to become more proactive in protecting your personal information.

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