Which search engines collect your data

Which search engines collect your data

Search engines have become our favorite tool to find answers as they combine the roles of libraries and librarians,confidantes,friends,parents and mentors,professors and every other source of information.They help us find exactly what we want using only a general sort of knowledge,a simple word or phrase.

Which search engines collect your data

Google,of course,is one one of the most popular search engine,it dominates the search engine market share with almost 76% ,followed by Bing 8.3% and finally Yahoo at 6.6%.

But have you ever noticed how our daily activities are linked to these engines one way or another?Everytime we look for anything,have an idea or personal question,we use search engines first.These engines know our life stories,our secrets,our everything.It would definitely be a lot of power for a company to have.

Therefore,you should take a second to ask yourself which of the daily used search engines collect your data,what kind of data do they collect and which ones actually respect your privacy.
Basically,all the big search engine names try to collect as much data about you as possible.Google,Yahoo,Baidu or Bing will make sure to log your IP address,your search history and track you accross the internet whenever you use them.
The collected data is usually used to create surprisingly accurate profiles about you to sell to advertisers or to use in their other services.

Nevertheless,what many internet users don’t realize is that there are many alternative trusted search engines that perform just as well as the popular ones that actually respect your privacy and don’t rely on your data to function or to make money.

The most popular and widely trusted one is DuckDuckGo as it never stores any personal data or use cookies that can identify you,it even goes far and creates anonymized identifiers that can connect your searches together.

There are some other search engines that work the same way such as IXQUICK and Yippy.
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