Why a VPN? Here Are 10 Reasons Why.

Have you ever wondered why people use VPNs?

Perhaps, you’re telling yourself right now things like ”Why do I need a VPN?” ”I’m not connected to the internet?” Well, the latter is obviously untrue since you’re using the internet to read this article, busted!

I’m sure most internet users would be using VPNs at all times if they knew the amazing benefits that come with browsing the web using virtual private networks.

In this article, I will tell you why you need a VPN and the huge benefits and protection that comes with it, so here we go.

Why you need a VPN?

Like we mentioned above, most internet users who browse the web on a virtual private network do so because of entertainment purposes such as being able to watch high-speed streaming services and unblock social networking websites.

While that is very important too, a VPN service can provide you with a lot more than that. Here are 10 amazing benefits of using a VPN service:

1. Secure Communication

Internet communications have grown from mere traditional emails to advanced asynchronous communication services — such as Skype, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat and countless similar others available today free of cost.

However, the problem with these messaging platforms is that most of don’t use encryption technology to secure users peer-to-peer messaging, and hence there’s the possibility for messages to be spied on and seen by anyone with a technical know-how to do so.

Placing these messaging platforms via a VPN presents a greater level of security with the built-in encryption technology, and keeps your conversations private.

2. Cheap Voice Communication

VoIP, or Voice-over-Internet-Protocol is destructive advanced technology that facilitates Internet voice messaging at a cheaper price than that of conventional phone lines by routing calls via the internet.

The only possible hurdle is that now rather than tapping specific subscriber lines, VoIP commands can be collected and examined in bulk. When sending these calls via a virtual private network (VPN), they get encrypted and hence demand serious de-cryption knowledge to obtain access to the call, making everything extremely difficult for any prying eyes.

3. Online-Based Gaming

Many people probably think utilizing a VPN to play games online is not really necessary, however it actually does offer some benefits. For example, there’s complete privacy, which means you can have your account credentials (banking information, etc) remain harmless and secure.

In addition, a VPN can be utilized to bypass geo-restrictions, for example, a British guy can resume playing a UK-based online game even when he’s traveling abroad. Moreover, in some situations, utilizing a VPN usually allows high-speed internet connection to bypass ISP throttling, and will enable you to connect to a higher-speed gaming server so that you can enjoy the best gaming experience.

Lastly, a VPN service can protect you from any potential DDoS attacks that may be organized against you by other gamers.

4. Censorship-Resistance

The usage of the internet is highly censored by oppressive governments. This hinders attempts to interact outside of that country and blocks access to websites to popular websites that we all can’t live without.

Clearly, while you’re traveling to some oppressive country, you will definitely also be subjected to these internet censorship attempts – meaning a VPN should be a requirement if you need to easily browse the web and communicate with the rest of the world.

5. Safe public Wi-Fi

When you’re going out, you will most likely be in need of an internet connection, and public Wi-Fi networks may be your only option to stay connected with your friends and family. Using a public Wi-Fi network is a great way to save on your mobile data connection.

However, using public Wi-Fi hotspots can also be filled with possible risky incidents such as slipping into phishing scams, or maybe getting hacked or affected by malicious software. Fortunately, a reliably-encrypted VPN can surely help protect you from these threats.

6. Better prices

A common practice made by a lot of businesses, especially flight-booking and hotel businesses is adjusting their prices based on your location.

Hopefully, VPNs can greatly help with that as they allow you to change your IP address to whatever location you want, this will enable you to check and compare different prices to get the best price.

7. Avoid Getting Tracked

Google, Facebook, and other large online conglomerates are known for tracking and following their users around the web. These browsing tracking cookies that they use enable them to target you with ads and sell your browsing behavior to 3rd party companies.

A VPN enables users to prevent these ”evil” companies from prying on your data, VPNs will help you take back control of your privacy.

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