Google Play Store Apps Stealing Your Passwords

Do you regularly download Android apps? Then you should be very careful next time because not all apps are completely harmless. The Google-owned Play Store is a destination for numerous ‘evil’ developers. Some of them more dangerous than the others. Last year, there were reports of many malicious applications discovered on the Google app store…. Read more »

You Are Being Watched, Why Online Privacy Matters

Do you care about your online privacy? What’s that? … You have nothing to hide? That’s what most online users believe, they believe that since they’re not engaged in any fraudulent or suspicious activities, then they have nothing to hide or fear. ”Arguing that you don’t care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is… Read more »

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use A Free VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) is a popular choice for many online users who want to access blocked content, enhance their online security, and browse the web anonymously while keeping their data private. Not only that, but with the recent repeal of net neutrality by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) which allows internet service providers (ISPs)… Read more »

How to Avoid Losing Your Bitcoins to Hackers

My 387 Bitcoin got hacked and stolen. I realize it’s my fault to not create and keep my Bitcoin in a real cold storage. — Says a Redditor. The blockchain technology and cryptocurrency space have been thriving and flourishing the past few years bringing many people with it from rags to riches. People who were living… Read more »

25 Quotes That Will Make You Value Internet Privacy

Do you value privacy? If your answer is but I have nothing to hide, then you should really read this post because, by the end of it, you will definitely going to gain a new perspective about the importance of your privacy on the internet. If you don’t fancy your neighbors looking at what you’re… Read more »

McAfee Antivirus Is the Worst In the World, Says John McAfee

The US-based McAfee Antivirus company created and developed by cyber-security pioneer John McAfee is one of the most popular Antivirus software in the world. The company which was acquired by Intel back in 2011 for over $7 billion dollars was first established by John McAfee, who later left the company back in 1994 to pursue other projects. Intel CEO Brian… Read more »

Beware of these Ethereum Giveaway Scams

As of late, we have noticed an increase in cryptocurrency-related scams. From pump-and-dump campaigns and fraudulent ICOs to exchange hacks and wallet breaches – the cryptocurrency space is the digital wild west. But lately, we have seen a new kind of scam emerge in this space. Several scammers and identity thieves have tried to scam cryptocurrency… Read more »

7 Easy Steps to Clean Your Computer

Cleaning a computer can be a dull task, but the outcome is definitely worth it. Maintaining your computer in good condition should be done periodically if you want to sustain a good performance. Cleaning your computer frequently will also assist with keeping it operating accurately to bypass costly repairs. It will also help keep it secure and protected from malware… Read more »

$4.5m New Cryptocurrency ICO Exit Scam

Although the cryptocurrency market has been experiencing a bearish market lately, ICO startups are raising more money and investors are throwing their money at these ICOs like there’s no tomorrow. A new blockchain startup that was identified as has unexpectedly disappeared out of thin air with a staggering amount of $4.5 million of investors capital. The… Read more »

5 Must-Have Tools to Secure Your Digital Life

As an internet user, you should be using many different tools to help with securing your online activities and hide your private information from prying eyes and cybercriminals. Any security tool that stops you from getting compromised is a life-saver. And there are countless reasons why you need to do that, protecting your self, your identity, and… Read more »