7 Easy Steps to Clean Your Computer

Cleaning a computer can be a dull task, but the outcome is definitely worth it. Maintaining your computer in good condition should be done periodically if you want to sustain a good performance. Cleaning your computer frequently will also assist with keeping it operating accurately to bypass costly repairs. It will also help keep it secure and protected from malware… Read more »

Winter Olympics Hit By Malicious Cyber-Attack

The Winter Olympic games this year was organized in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Numerous US cybersecurity companies reported on Monday, February 12 – revealing a malicious virus named “Olympic Destroyer” that was intended as an attack on Friday’s opening ceremony of the winter games. The Winter Olympic game coordinators said that the virus infected internet and television settings… Read more »

$4.5m New Cryptocurrency ICO Exit Scam

Although the cryptocurrency market has been experiencing a bearish market lately, ICO startups are raising more money and investors are throwing their money at these ICOs like there’s no tomorrow. A new blockchain startup that was identified as LoopX.io has unexpectedly disappeared out of thin air with a staggering amount of $4.5 million of investors capital. The… Read more »

5 Must-Have Tools to Secure Your Digital Life

As an internet user, you should be using many different tools to help with securing your online activities and hide your private information from prying eyes and cybercriminals. Any security tool that stops you from getting compromised is a life-saver. And there are countless reasons why you need to do that, protecting your self, your identity, and… Read more »

Hackers Are Probably Mining Bitcoin On Your Computer

Have you experienced any unexpected laggings lately in your web browsing? If your answer is yes, then it’s because hackers are probably using it for mining bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Which could possibly be the reason it’s running slower than it used to be, as cryptocurrency mining generally consumes huge amounts of CPU resources. And… Read more »

Why Every Cryptocurrency Trader Needs a VPN?

Do you trade Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? then using a VPN is a must-have tool for securing your cryptocurrency transactions. Contrary to popular belief, Bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies aren’t completely private and anonymous. In fact, each bitcoin (and many other cryptocurrencies) transaction is publicly recorded on the blockchain. Meaning, it’s easier for transactions to get tracked by… Read more »

Coincheck Hackers Selling the Stolen $530m On the Dark Web

One of the first things that you hear about when you start learning how to trade cryptocurrencies is that you should never leave your coins at an exchange platform, especially if you possess a large amount worth of valuable cryptocurrencies. Apparently, some people didn’t learn the lesson. Because two weeks ago, a major Japan-based digital assets exchange called Coincheck… Read more »

hotspot shield unsafe

Security Researcher: Hotspot Shield VPN Is Unsafe to Use

You probably have heard of Hotspot Shield before, it’s a hugely popular Free VPN service that millions of people use online. Well, as of late, this popular VPN service has suffered from continuous security and privacy vulnerabilities. According to a security researcher, discovered a security flaw in its system which can potentially leak sensitive users… Read more »

WannaCryRansomware: It’s not over yet!

WannaCryRansomware: It’s not over yet!

It’s nearly impossible to find an internet user who still haven’t heard about last Friday’s cyber-attack that hit major networks and carriers around the world. WannaCry, aka WannaCrypto, is the most widespread cyberattack ever, according to experts. The attack has hit 200.000 victims in at least 150 countries since Friday, using vulnerabilities in older versions… Read more »

Easy tips to keep your smart home safe and secure

Easy tips to keep your smart home safe and secure

Smart home technology, also known as the internet of things, brings more efficiency, comfort, and energy savings to your home. Everything from thermostats that can learn the preferred temperature settings of the family to security cameras, refrigerators and TVs. This means less effort and time for our daily activities, such us cleaning and shopping. The… Read more »